Mar 3, about 1:30am eastern.
3rd update.

OK. I'm putting it back up - it's at

So I didn't quite finish new signups tonight (it's snowballing into some other changes... long story short, I was using an auth package that I don't want to use anymore).

Mar 2, about 2:30am eastern.
2nd update.

So of course, switching from one host to another, and moving old code, there's a seemingly never-ending list of things that need repair, or overhaul while I'm at it.

Fixing how passwords are saved to something modern... wondering why I didn't implement a password reset feature (that's done now).
One nice thing, the maps are loading really fast compared to the previous server.

I'm going to bed for the night, but I will fix this asap (there's probably just 1 more evening of updates to make - I broke account creation for the moment, so there's that...).

I know people do use Argon, even after all these years, and I don't want to take it down (I'm sorta amazed by how many people, actually).

Thank you for your patience! I'll have a contact me form up with it too - in the mean time, you can reach me via email at justin at this domain (

Plan A is to stand it back up, pretty much like it was a few days ago on the old host. Then I'll probably come through and change the look/feel of the landing page.

After that, I'd like to make some videos about how to use Argon. I have a feeling that there are few people who use it as efficiently as I had set it up to be used... so maybe a video or two would be helpful.

Oh, I'll share the new domain name for it soon, too.

Feb 28, 2017

1st update has moved hosts.

I'll get the vanity stuff up (and maybe I'll update it even), but the good thing is that you'll find Argon the MUD Mapper at its own domain as soon as I'm done bringing it over and updating whatever needs updated.

There's a few hours of work left. It may be up tonight. It may be up tomorrow.